Concierge Station

Our concierge station is perfect for multi-unit buildings desiring or requiring visitor management. The IS/SIP dialer can connect to our concierge station, individual units, or be used to provide other information to building inhabitants. 

Available with 6.4" or 10.4" TFT display

The ComPanel integrates multiple systems into one unified communications platform: Visualization, Telephony & Intercom, Messaging, Touchscreen technologies, and Announcement capabilities

Highly customizable to meet identity requirements and can be uploaded to the platform via an Excel spreadsheet

Beechwood stand and external microphone available, as well as line in/out for headset usage

Sample applications include: building reception & visitor control, hotel & room service, information panels at museums or tourism buildings, conference rooms, command & control centers, and many others

View our Downloads for more information.

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