IP Relay

Our IP relay is very versatile and has many applications and is limited only by imagination. Some example applications are listed below. Our IP relay interfaces with any home automation system such as AMX, Crestron, Lutron, X-10, Z-Wave, Radio-RA, etc.

Control electrical devices over the internet or local network

Turn on/off lights on demand

Control electronic door locks and garage door openers

Monitor gates, doors, windows, etc

Remotely reboot computers or servers

Connect a digital output of any home automation system to the input of the IP relay to control another device somewhere else on the network. Now your PLC or automation system has the ability to control devices remotely

Extend buttons and switches to a remote location. Add a light switch in your home that controls the lights at the office across town. Push a button on your phone that locks or unlocks your other office three blocks away

Connect an IP relay unit to a door sensor at your office, factory, store, etc. Connect a chime to another IP relay unit in your home. Each time the door at the office, is opened, you are alerted with a chime. If the door is opened when nobody should be there, you can immediately check things out using a remote video camera

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