The doorbell rings but you’re not expecting visitors. With the new iDor Mobile app, you can immediately see who’s at your door. Using your iOS or Android device, you can now communicate with your visitors from your home or remotely on a 3G or 4G network.

The doorbell rings... It's the dog walker...  Now to open the door... Verify no one follows.

The green button: When someone presses your doorbell or call button, iDor Mobile starts automatically, and a real-time picture of your visitor appears on the screen. Press the green button on your mobile device, and you can immediately hear and speak to your visitor. You have the option to open your door for welcome visitors, or to send away unwelcome ones

Video Surveillance: Monitor the outside of your home at any time using the video functions of iDor Mobile. To access the switching and control settings, simply hold your finger on the gray area within the app for three seconds

Easy Installation: The iDor Mobile system consists of a compact iDor Mobile controller and the iDor Mobile app. The iDor Mobile controller is easily connected to the analog telephone line of your video intercom system interface. Using a service such as Dynamic DNS makes for easy setup of IP cameras around your home

Power: The system requires only one power connection and a connection to your existing LAN. Analog video cameras are connected with an optional video encoder

Configuration: The controller establishes the connection with your mobile device through a WLAN or 3G/4G network connection. Establishing the connection requires only a few custom settings. Typically, these include your IP address and the port of the iDor Mobile controller or external SIP provider

Once connected you can adjust individual camera settings, the SIP Gateway, the intercom system, and all the switching and control functions

iPad View

Not just a mobile doorbell, iDor Mobile allows you to see who's home: control lights, doors, elevators, brew your coffee, and more... all from your mobile device.