Face recognition is safe, quick and easy to use and works without physical contact. The Adatis-technology is working with a three-dimensional acquisition of the face in invisible infrared light. When a face in front of the camera is detected, a 3D scan is started and features generated from the 3Dmesh are compared against features stored in a database. If the person standing in front of the door is enrolled, i.e. in the data base, the door opens automatically.

EXTREME STABILITY AND SUPERIOR DESIGN: The Baudisch stanchions made of stainless steel show how extreme stability and superior design can be combined. They offer an almost infinite number of combinations. Modules from the SIP module system can be combined in one or two rows and also the ComPanel as door station with touch screen can be installed easily.

FLEXIBLY EQUIPPED: Choose from a wide variety of chainstay modules or from a ComPanel exactly to suit your specific needs.

SIZES: Whether people, cars or trucks – we offer the correct size.

STRONG: The Stele will be screwed to the floor or directly embedded in the floor.

MADE IN GERMANY: All our products are designed and produced in Wäschenbeuren, Germany.

Not just a mobile doorbell, iDor Mobile allows you to see who's home: control lights, doors, elevators, brew your coffee, and more... all from your mobile device.