Pebble Watch

Texts, email, and now your home... all on your wrist! 

What's cool about the Pebble Watch (Pebble for short!) is that now it's even easier to talk to whoever is knocking at your door:

  • Get texts and important notifications directly on your wrist
  • At the pool, on the beach, or in the shower. Your Pebble is good down to 5ATM
  • Sports, music, games, commuting — there's a rich community of apps for everything
  • Pebble runs for 5–7 days before needing a charge
  • Use it in the dark. Pebble lights up with a quick flick of the wrist
  • 100s of watchfaces to suit your mood and personality
  • An e-paper display means you can read your Pebble even in direct sunlight
  • Bling out your Pebble with customizeable watch straps and accessories
  • Pebble can wake you up or give you a subtle notification that only you'll notice

For more information on the Pebble watch please visit their website.

Not just a mobile doorbell, iDor Mobile allows you to see who's home: control lights, doors, elevators, brew your coffee, and more... all from your mobile device.